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Monday, November 24, 2014

10 Reasons Why Should You Use Blogger As Your Blogging Platform

blogger feautures
Blogger As A Blogging Platform
Hi friends,Blogging became the infotainment activity for the most of the people who access the Internet regularly,there are many blogging platforms like wordpress,tumblr,weebly,are available to start and run our blog,but in this post i am going to discuss about why should you use blogger as your blogging platform,here i have listed out the top 10 reasons for using blogger.

Free Of Cost:- 

Like other blogging platforms Blogger is also a free one,we can create up to 100 unique blogs under a single google account,we don't need to pay any registration fees,server maintenance cost,no yearly subscription for using the free service.

Free hosting From Google:-

Blogger is a free blogging service running under the google,google provides unlimited storage for hosting our files,blogger provides those free storage with some limitations,

Plenty Of Templates:-

As we said above blogger is a free blogging tool,many third party template developers are providing plenty of blogger templates for both free and paid,the main good thing is we can edit and customize our templates as we want,no professional skill is required
BTemplates Deluxe Template were some of the free blogger template providers

Customizable Widget:-

Widgets are the powerful tool to improve our blog performance and for the best appearance of our blog,this tool is called as plugins in wordpress and widgets in blogger,in blogger we can easily add/edit/remove a widget.

Zero Downtime:-

The most amazing factor about blogger is zero downtime,we can expect a best loading speed of our blog,blogger has no limitation on amount of traffic to our blog,,According to Pingdom Blogger is the only free service with zero uptime,but most free service has a limitation on traffic.

Pretty Interface:-

Even a new person who enters into the blogging journey also can easily access the blogger interface,blogger has the pretty navigation's to access the blogger dashboard without any confusions

Speedy Index:-

The most lovable thing in blogger is speedy index,when i entered into the blogging world i am unaware of seo,though i don't know about SEO,i started to post about poems,the next day i searched my site in google,i am excited to see that my blog appeared in google within 24 hours,if you need to get traffic from search engines for your blogger blog you read my post about Best SEO Tips For Blogger Blogs

Integration With Google Products:-

Blogger is a google product,we don't need to create a special account for making a blog,our google account(gmail) is enough to begin with blogger,we can also use Google Adsense to earn money from our blog,gmail,picasa,youtube,gplus were some of the google products which we can use along our blogger blogs


The another impressive fact about blogger is security,a wordpress can be easily hacked,but blogger blogs are very secured,blogger who uses blogger will never worry about security.They are fully protected and hackers cannot hack your blogger blog

Custom Domain:-

A wise blogger will always expect for his identity among the other bloggers and readers,so he creates a unique address for his site,but adding a Custom domain will give you a more visibility to the public through search engines,you can buy a domain from where ever you want and you can point out the custom domain name to the blogger bloggers

Bonus Point-

Make Money Through Adsense:-

As a blogger we know about the adsense which provides money for placing their advertisement in our blog,blogger blogs with required expectation is enough to get the adsense account.

Hope this post helped you to know something new about blogger,and one thing may i know that which platform are you using for your blogging journey

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Introduction To S.E.O | Classifications Of S.E.O

seo meaning,types of seo,classification of seo,seo methods,natural traffic from search engines
Seo Tips For Blogs And Websites

Welcome back friends,today we are going to see a intresting post about SEO,already we know that seo is the blood of our blog or website traffic,SEO-stands for Search Engine Optimization,Seo is the trending trick and technique of getting more traffic to our site from search engines like Google,Yaho,Bing And Yandex,Seo also helps to get higher rank in alexa,to get into Seo techniques we need more quality backlinks from quality sites like Gplus,Wordpress,Moz etc...

Classification Of Seo:-

We can classify Seo into two various methods as follows
  1. On Page Seo
  2. Off Page Seo
let us see about the seo methods briefly below

On Page Seo:-

On page Seo denotes us about the keywords that we mention in our blog post normally,whenever we publish a new article in our blog,we need to add the proper keywords which should be friendly to both search engines and our blog users,if we add the proper keyword in our site,it will be easy to search engines to crawl our blog and it's contents,and now what are the on page Seo methods?

Some Of the On Page Seo Methods:-

Here i had added some on page Seo methods
  • Customizing the post title
  • Formatting custom permalink
  • Keywords
  • Internel linking
  • Adding proper alt tags in images
  • Search engine description for the post
  • Must add correct Meta Tags  to your blog or website
if you need more help on the above points you may check my previous post on seo tips
and it is the right time to know about the second classification of Seo,

Off Page Seo:-

Off page Seo commonly describes about link building and sharing the post to several other web platforms like social networking sites and web directories,below you can see some offline Seo methods,create only quality backlinks for your site,never try to get a backlink from low quality sites.

Some Of The Off Page Seo Methods:-

  • Commenting on other blogs
  • Forum Posting
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Submitting post link to major websites like reddit,stumble upon,and gplus etc....
  • Guest Posting
  • Submit your sites to major search engines like google,yahoo and bing.
As we said before Seo is the heart beat of a site,even if we want to monetize our site we need lot of traffic from search engines,and one thing Adsense also needs more traffic which are generated by search engines not the bot traffic or traffic exchange,most of the new bloggers have less chances to know about the Seo,this is the main reason for a blogger fails in his blogging journey
Hope this post helped you to learn about the Seo Basics,still any doubt or suggestions kindly leave them in our comment section.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

How To Create A Free Website In India | Free Website Builders In India

free website in india  create free website in india  free website hosting in india  free website builder in india  free ads website in india
Get A Free Website Free Domain name an hosting in india

Hai friends welcome again today i am going to explain about How to get a free website in India using "India Get Online",this is the special post for Indian's,man has passed many ages like stone age,copper age etc...,and now we are living in internet age,internet became the important in our daily life,so why don't we create a own website for us,India was the second largest country in population after China,India has the largest active internet surfers.
Lets move to the point "India Get Online" is the free website provider in india, India Get Online is associated by Four major web partners as follows

  • Google
  • Hostgator
  • Fisme
  • Knowlarity


We know that google is the world largest web giant,with the Alexa Rank of #1 google accepts the cost of the domain price,their main moto is to provide website for all indians.


Hostgator is the well known hosting company in the world,it provides three types of hosting services
  1. Shared Web Hosting,
  2. Reseller Account,
  3. Dedicated VPS.
Hostgator was privately held and based in Houston Texas,it was founded by "Brent Oxley" on 2002,Hostgator is best known for its customer care services like live call facility,email etc..
Hostgator Also Provides Free Website Builder In India With Free Domain name


FISME Stands for Federation of Indian Micro and Small Medium Enterprises,FISME is the national federation of Micro Small and Medium [MSMES],established  as NAYE in 1967,it was rechristened as FISME in 1995


Knowlarity is the leading company of Telephony and creates state of the arts that products that help businesses to improve their productivity incorporated in 2009 and currently it has 40000+ customers in india

Feautures Of India Get Online Free Website Builder In India:-

  • It is absoluetly free,
  • Easy to set up no special skills required,
  • Every indian get a free domain name (example.in) with free hosting,
  • Branded Email on your own domain name ex-support@example.in,
  • You can also get a free blog ex blog.example.in or example.in/blog
  • Helps to increase your sales
  • Live Support via phone amazingly toll free number (Hostgator India Customer Care Service number 1800 266300)
  • Provides your Business professional appeal,
  • Unlimited Themes
  • Free Tools To Improve Your Site's Design And Performance
  • Allows your customer to know about you and your business.

How Much Cost Is It?

You dont need even a Credit Card,Debit Card Or Cheque Books for the first year,if you love their services you may upgrade your account to paid one after one year from the date of registeration

How To Get Started To Create Free Website With India Get Online:-

Inorder to get started you need a E-mail id,phone number,address along with TAN/CIN OR PAN Card [Permanent Account Number ] to verify your address

Some Example Sites Made With India Get Online Free Website Builder In India:-

Four Steps To Create A Free Website In India :-

Step 1:-

Homepage of free website builder online in india will open

free domain name in india,free website builder in india,free website building india,free domain name in india for business
free website hosting and domain in india enter your desired domain name

Step 2:-

free website in indiamart  free website in india  create free website in india  free website hosting in india  free website builder in india  free website hosting in india  free website builder in india
In this step you will get the option to get your free domain name in india,so choose the best free domain for your website

Step 3:-

now after choosing your free domain name,it is the time to fill up your details as given in the form f
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Complete the form with valid information in order to get the free domain name and free web hosting in india 

Step 4:-

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This is the final step to get your free hosting with free domain name in india from India Get Online

Usefull Links-

Thats All You Got Your new website from india free website provider "India Gets Online",Hope This Post Helped You To Create Your Free Website,Still Any Doubts Kindly Leave Them As Comment,Have A nice Day

Sunday, July 20, 2014

How To Increase Your Alexa Rank Quickly

fast alexa rank,alexa rank best tricks
Increase Your Alexa Rank Quickly

Welcome Back Friends,Here i am back with a new cool post about increasing alexa ranking of blog's and website,Lets move to the point
What Is Alexa?
Alexa is the part of Amazon.com alexa is a ranking tool site of a websites performance based on traffic,backlinks and contents,alexa was founded on 1996,alexa has a rich history of providing deep analytical about insight benchmark,Here i had added the best ways to improve your alexa rank quickly,this methods are implemented by me on most of site and worked well for me,hope this will help you too

#1-Design Of The Site:-

Site design is the most important factor which dramatically improves your alexa ranking,design your site as a fast loading one,make your blog simple as well as best one,also make sure that your blog is designed S.E.O friendly one.

#2-Update Frequently:-

Alexa loves fresh contents like search engines do's,update your blog regularly do not post more than 20 post per day because your blog may be marked as spam,this alexa trick will surely help you to increase your rank,so try to update your blog in the regular intervel time

#3-Build Backlinks:-

As i said you before alexa ranking works based on traffic,backlinks,and content,alexa loves quality backlinks from a quality site,so keep mind on building backlinks carefully,forum posting and commenting on other blogs are the best way to built backlinks

#4-Add Alexa Tool Bar:-

This is the best and easiest way to increase your alexa ranking,install the alexa tool bar in your browser,also ask your friends to install the alexa tool bar,if you are using Google Chrome then you may install the alexa extension to your site 
you may also get the alexa tool bar for all you browser here-Alexa Tool Bar's

#5-Must Add Alexa Widget:-

Don;t hesitate to add the alexa widget in your site or blog,adding a alexa ranking widget will help you in more ways to increase the ranking much faster

Alexa Ranking Widget For Blogger:-

<a href="http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/http://www.frunu.com/"><script type="text/javascript" src="http://xslt.alexa.com/site_stats/js/t/a?url=http://www.frunu.com/"></script></a>
This Code Will Look Like The Below Picture
alexa widget code for blogger
Alexa Widget

 note:-change www.frunu.com to your own site address

#6-Unique Content:-

As we already know that content is the king of every blog and website,so keep posting of quality contents,this will automatically helps you to increase your alexa ranking quickly,

All The Best,hope this post about increasing alexa rank quickly helped you,still if you have any doubts or suggestions leave it in the comment section,Thank You 
All Is Well :-)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How To Increase Your Intrenet Speed Without Any Softwares

increasing internet speed tips and tricks
Latest Desk Top Images

Nowadays All We Are Using Internet To Chat With Our Friends And Family Via Facebook And Other Social Media Platforms,And To Collect Some Informations From Web For Our Daily Purpose,But When We Surfing The Web We Faces Some Following Errors Like
  • Slow Connections
  • Broken Pages
  • Incompleted Page Loading 
  • Etc............

. Do You Know That Why This Types Of Errors Are Appearing? This Are Due To Slow Network Connections.

How To Increase Internet Speed?

You May Follow The Simple Steps To Increase Your Internet Speed

Restart Your Modem/Dongle:

Sometimes Your Modem/Dongle Will Not Be Working Properly,Due To Continous Process,So You May Restart Your Internet Connection

Clean Your Router/Modem:

All We Know That Dirt Are The Banning Materials Of Internet Connections,So Clean The Modem/Router,Clean Even The Edges,Use A Smooth Clothes To Remove The Dirts

Avoid OverHeating:

Heat Is The Important Factor To Reduce The Life Of A Material Including Battery,So Avoid,Overheating Of Your Modem/Dongle,You May Use Your Computer/Laptop In Cool Place

Clear History:

Clear Your History Records(History Means Your Recently Visited Pages)
Press Ctrl+H To Know Your Web History.

Avoid Multi-Connections:

Sometimes You May Using A Wifi Connection And A Local Network Connection,This Will Interput The Both Network Connection

Anti-Virus Protections:

Use A Branded Anti Virus For Your System To Protect Your Computer Property,Below Were The Free Antivirus Available In The Internet

Avast (Direct Download Link)

Update Your Modem:

Update Your Modem Or Router To Newest Version,It Will Give You More Speed To Access The Web.

Direct Contact:

Contact Directly Your I.S.P-Internet Service Providers,Say Your Problems To Them,They Will Solve Your Problem.

Hope This Post Helped You ! ! ! If You Any Doubts Or Idea Kindly Leave Them In The Comment Section

Source And Reference-Increase-Internet-Speed (Wiki How)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic Using Google plus

increase blog traffic,how to get international traffic for free using gplus
Increasing Blog Traffic Using Google Plus

Welcome back folk's,in this post,i am going to explain you about how to get more traffic from worlds largest social network Google Plus,already we know that google plus is the part of Google,apart from facebook gplus have many attractive feautures in it,gplus is the newest social networking though it was ranked as the second largest active social network,so gplus would help us to gain more traffic for our blog,let;s move to the point,
Before Moving to the point,try to complete your profile with some basic informations like your bio,your blog description,what your blog talks about,after completing your profile,search some peoples that whom you know,you can also uploady your contact book in the C.S.V format to connect with your known friends,that who are already in Google Plus,you can also add your friends in different circles

First of all choose the best and relavent topic for your post,it should be highly searched one,you can find the trending topic here Google Trends,always don't forget to mention your keywords in your post,you can also use the keyword finder tool to findout the keyword density of your post,
Second point use related images in your post,but dont use too many images this may make your page ugly and unresponsive,use high quality images
A Image Is Better Than 1000 Words
So make use of the advavtages of images,images always plays a great role in seo and viral content distribution,whenever you add a image to your blog post never forget to put the alt text and image property,so try to use the images wisely in your blog post,always use high quality and larger images to get a better result in viral sharing,as we said before Gplus have many attractive feautures,we can share our post publically or only to our circles,even we can send our post link to individual person,gplus will send the link to the person,if you shared your post publically you have the chances to get traffic via the post,if your post impress him/her they will reshare your post,so you the viral sharing and traffic too
Try to publish fresh and intresting contents and don't share the same content often,this may lead to mark you as a spammer by google,avoid that,if you post new contents you can also get more traffic to your blog as well as followers,and one more thing Google Plus is used by all over the world,so we can gain international traffic which helps to increase our blog popularity and page rank
Hope this post helped you to increase your blog traffic using Google Plus,kindly leave yourfeedback,suggestions or doubt via comment,have a nice day

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

5 Best Blogspot S.E.O Tips For Bloggers

seo tips for blogger,blogspot seo tips,blogging seo tips
Blogspot Seo Tips For Bloggers

Welcome Folk,nowadays most of the peoples had started to blogging,yeah blogging is our source of knowledge and money too,for every beginners Blogger will be best platform to start their blogging journey,because blogger is always free,its user interace is easy to use,even storage also unlimited by using picasa web albums,everyone know that S.E.O is the heartbeat of everyblog,so here i had written 5 best S.E.O tips to bring more traffic to you blogger blog.

Permalink Structure:-

In every post permalink plays a notable role in search engines like Google,Bing And Yandex,here i had mentioned two important things while structuring post url's
  • Your post title shold not exceed to more than 50 words
  • Don't add the words like A,An,The in your url's,because the are noted as stop words by google,search engines will not consider this word as a keyword.
In blogger editor interface you have the option to customize your permalink as you desired also don't forget to mention your post keyword in your url,try reduce the length of your url,you can also see a example of customizing the permaling as shown as in the images

how to customize blogger url for seo
Customizing Post Url

Adding Relavant Label's:-

Always put a relavant label for every post,labels takes place in keyword density,don't put too many labels for a single post,don't clutter with full of links,because it may be harmful for your S.e.o as well as it may affect your readers experience

Must Add Related Post Widget:-

Try to add a light and smooth related post widget in your blog,because related post also helps in S.E.O in the way of internal linking,it also helps to navigate your readers,not only for navigation it will keep your visitors in your blog for a long time.

Take Advantages Of Images For S.E.O:-

According to me taking the advantages and using the proper images will surely increase your blogs traffic,always put the alt text in your images to get a better seo advantages from search engines,use quality images,don;t post too many images in a single post,your reader may leave your page,because the page which having too many images will load slower,so your reader may not like to continue to the page 

Make Use Of Comment Section:-

Your comment section should be no-follow and moderated to avoid spamm,Mattcutts recommends all bloggers to maintain their page under 100 links,some search engines cannot crawl if your page has more than 100 links,so no-follow attribution will help you avoid getting negative reaction from search engines,always reply to the comments with your post keywords which your post had received to get more seo advantages
Hope this post helped you to understand about the best blogspot seo for your blogging journey.
Kindly post your feeback or doubt as comment
Have a nice day.