Saturday, April 19, 2014

How To Handle Your Debit Card

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In this post i am going to explain that how to secure your debit card,kindly follow this simple steps to secure your debit cards,
  1. Treat your Debit Card in the same way you treat cash,ensure that you keep the card with you always,
  2. Your Debit Card is for your exclusive usage only.it should never be surrendered / given to anyone other than a designated Bank officer at your bank's branch,and that too only after cutting it into several pieces through the magnnetic strip,
  3. Never reveal or surrender your Personal Identification Number [P.I.N],please destroy all the evidence of the P.I.N number after memorizing it or writing it,do not write it on your debit card and never keep a written copy of it in close promixity,it is also recommended that you change your P.I.N often between the regular intervals,
  4. If you eer have reasons to suspect that someone might have the knowledge of your P.I.N,immediately contact your branch and change your P.I.N,
  5. Never enter your P.I.N in the crowded A.T.M spots,
  6. Incase loss of card,theft,damage,fraudently misused kinndly contact your nearest branch,
  7. Never sign in the incomplete form,
  8. Do not try to use your Debit Card at merchent outlets that do not possess electronic point of sale swipe terminnal,
  9. Do not try to use your Debit Card for making purcase via telephone/mail on the internet or it any other card usage not present situations,
  10. Incase of  change in address,mobile number,or other changes that occurs related to your bank requirement promptly notify to your bank's branch.
Following this simple steps,you can secure your Debit Card,if you have any other tips to secure the debit card leave them as comment thank you.


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