Friday, April 25, 2014

How To Withdraw Cash From A.T.M Using A Debit Card

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Hai Friends in my last post,i explained you to that "how to handle the debit card" in that way i am going to provide the methods for safely withdrawing the cash from the A.T.M Using your debit card.

  • First of all when you receive your Debit Card,put your sign in the back side of the card,
  • The first transcation must be made through only in the same branch,for example if you have an account with State Bank Of India and received the Card from them,you must make your transcation in State Bank Of India Only-this is a one time process,
  • Goto your nearest or wanted A.T.M centre and enter,
  • Select your language that you wish to interact,then the welcome screen will prompt you to enter the Card,
  • Insert your card in the A.T.M Card slot,now the screen will prompt you to enter your P.I.N Number which has been provide you by the Bank's Branch
  • Enter your 4 digit P.I.N Number,
  • If your P.I.N was valid,the screen will show you the available options,like
  1. Balance Enquiry
  2. Withdraw
  3. Mini Statement,
  4. P.I.N Change etc...
  • Now select the witdraw option,
  • The screen will ask you to notify the withdrawl amount,enter amount that you need
  • Now press enter,now you will get the cash in the cash slot.


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