Friday, May 2, 2014

How To Receive Text Messages From Facebook

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Now connect your mobile number with facebook and get important notifications without any data charge,follow this simple steps to activate facebook text message service

Steps To Follow:-

  1. Go to your settings >Text messaging
  2. Click Activate Facebook Text Messages
  3. Select your country and carrier (mobile operator)
  4. Follow the on screen instructions to get your activation code,in this method the screen will ask your mobile number provide your valid phone number,because if you provide wrong number,you cannot get the confirmation code
  5. After receiving the code number enter the code on the given box and press enter,if the given number is correct,then you will receive a confirmation message on your mobile number
  6. Once you activate facebook texts,you can receive important text messages from facebook without any data charges

How To Add A New Number Or To Delete The Existing Mobile Number:-

  1. Tap (top left main menu)
  2. Scroll down  and tap Account Settings
  3. Tap Text Messaging 
  4. Click ACTIVATE ANOTHER NUMBER OPTION to add a new number to your fb account
  5. Click REMOVE option to delete the existing number from your fb account