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What Is Poke Option In Facebook

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What Is Facebook Poke
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Hai,Friends are you confused about the poke option at facebook?
You can understand poke at facebook as to say "Hey You Whats Up",but some of the people have wrong understanding that Poke at facebook is a symbol of disturbing and irritating others,But they are not the right one.
Following were the correct meaning and concept of poking at facebook.

  1. A Poke is basically someone is trying to get your attention,it is one of the meaningless feautures that are used just to annoy someone.
  2. If you Poke someone not in your network,and they Poke back,you can view their profile even if you are not in his/her friends list.
  3. A Poke is when you allow someone to see your facebook pages or your facebook timeline for 3 three days,so they can know about you,who you are,
  4. Even this will lead him to add you as a friend.

Short notes about Facebook Poke:-

Poking is a lazy way of saying hi,instead of typing up a message or posting someone's wall,people will poke you.maybe they want to check your profile and wants to add you as a friend in his facebook circle.

Poking War:-

Poking is also a annoying game people like to start.
if you Poke somebody on facebook,the person whom you poked will get a notification that he had Poked by you,again he will poke you,in the sameway you also get a notification like above.This Process is also called as "Poke War".

How To Stop Facebook Poking From Unknown Persons:-

When you are poked by a unknown person,don't poke him again,now go to your privacy settings,where it says "Search Uncheck" the Poke Me box.

Hope this would clarified your doubt's about "Facebook Poke",Still if you have any doubt or if you have any other description about "Facebook Poke"kindly leave them as comments,your comments will be appreciated.

Do share it so that when you Poke your friend he know the real meaning of poke and doesn't take it wrongly
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