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How To Increase Android Phone's Battery LifeI

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how to increase your android phones battery life
Increase Your Android Phones Battery Life

Hai,Buddy do you own a Android Phone of yourself,if your answer is YES you should read this post to increase your life of your Android battery,lets move to the point,follow this few simple steps to save your unwanted expenses for battery faults.

Be Original Buy Original:-

Yeah,it is very important point about increasing your android phones battery thats why i notified in the starting,always use original accessories or accessories that are approved by your manufacturer of your android.


Keep your phone dry and keep in shady places and cool place,do not expose your android phone to direct sunlight,high temperature can reduce the life of your battery as well as your phone,prevent liquid flowing in your battery or phone.

Ad Free Softwares And Application:-

Always try to download ads free softwares or application,Because most of the free softwares runs with ads,it may reduce your battery level.

Turn On Power Saving Mode:-

When your mobile is in low battery,you want to turn on your power saving mode,by turning on this,your mobile will consume less level of power.


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