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How To Increase Your Facebook Friends List Without Blocking

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how to increase facebook friends
Get More Friends On Facebook
Hello friends,do you want to increase your facebook friend list,then this post will help you to build your social media presentation.All we know that facebook is the king of all social networks because of its feautures,even facebook has scored the #2 in alexa based on its traffic and active members
Most of us desire to increase our friend list to show that we are in popular in facebook,people want to make more friends for meeting new friends,building their social status,and some builds for business oriented purposes.
According to me making more friends in a short period of time is impossible,because you may be blocked by facebook due to over using this feauture,but i have the handy tips to increase your friends without blocking by facebook.
Here i had added the 5 Top Tips to increase your facebook friends circle,follow this simple step to build your facebook friend

Complete Your Profile:-

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Completing your profile is the notable step in increasing your friends circle,just add your 
  • E-Mail id,
  • Phone number,
  • Hometown,
  • Current city,
  • School,
  • College,and
  • Workplace

by completing this facebook will automatically suggest you to other people in the name of "People You May Know" based on your profile,don't worry about your privacy,you can also change the privacy information as you want whom to visible or it will be only visible for you,so there will no leakage of your personal information

Hit Like And Get Like:-

how to get more friends in facebok
According to me,you need to spend atleast 2 hours for using facebook,whenever you have time for facebook hit like your friends updates,such as status updates,photo updates and video updates,alaways like the updates which is legal,legal mean the update will not be irritate or insult others,by hitting like for others update will dramatically increase your too
          So how will this increase my friends count on facebook?
Yeah you are correct,let me to explain this trick,for a example you hit liked 170 updates per day which includes status,photos,and videos,by hitting you can get minimum 130-140 likes for your updates,if a new person who moves around your wall and sees your updates which you got more than 100 Likes,now what will the person think himself,he will know that you are popular in facebook,so he thinks to become friend with you,that solve your friends list can be increase in the same manner.

Leave Comments:-

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Leaving comments will really help you in many ways including getting more friends,is it possible?
yes it is possible,if you often used to comment in your friends update,your friends' friend will able to see your comments,if your comment is attractive or funny,your friends' friend will think to become friend with you,because all we desire to get more comments for our status,photo and video updates.

Getting Friends Suggestion:-

methods of facebook friends increasing
Getting friend suggestion from your friend is really a cool idea to make more friends in facebook,by using friend suggestion method you can easily reach your 5000 friends within a short period of time,you may ask your well-known facebook friend who is having more friends,if he is ready to suggest friends for you,you may enjoy the new friend circle,just by adding or accepting,
How It's Work:-
In this method you will the notification from your friend that he has a suggestion for you,and the other person who is suggested for you also receive a notification,after both you are connected your friend will receive a notification as you became with the suggested person,
for example if you are A and your friend was B and the friends of your friends are C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,the Person B will receive the notification as "A and C are friends as you suggested,you may suggest him more friends he knows"

Sending Direct Message's:-

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If you are already blocked by facebook for sending friend request,though if you need to add more friends,then you need to send the person a direct message like
"Hi Buddy,I Am Blocked Please Add Me,Let's Be Friend",if the person is intrested in your profile after visiting it,he/she may send a friend request to you.

Bonus Tips:-

  • Always try to update your status in your own language if you need friends from you nearby location,
  • Try to use your own profile picture,
  • Don't post the same updates twice or more,
  • Do not over use the sending friend request option,
  • Connect your email and phone number to get friend from your contacts.
If you have any other methods to increase facebook friends,kindly leave them as comments using the comment box,still any doubt,feel free to ask,hope this post helped you acheive your goal of making more friends in facebook.


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