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10 Reasons Why Should You Use Blogger As Your Blogging Platform

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Blogger As A Blogging Platform
Hi friends,Blogging became the infotainment activity for the most of the people who access the Internet regularly,there are many blogging platforms like wordpress,tumblr,weebly,are available to start and run our blog,but in this post i am going to discuss about why should you use blogger as your blogging platform,here i have listed out the top 10 reasons for using blogger.

Free Of Cost:- 

Like other blogging platforms Blogger is also a free one,we can create up to 100 unique blogs under a single google account,we don't need to pay any registration fees,server maintenance cost,no yearly subscription for using the free service.

Free hosting From Google:-

Blogger is a free blogging service running under the google,google provides unlimited storage for hosting our files,blogger provides those free storage with some limitations,

Plenty Of Templates:-

As we said above blogger is a free blogging tool,many third party template developers are providing plenty of blogger templates for both free and paid,the main good thing is we can edit and customize our templates as we want,no professional skill is required
BTemplates Deluxe Template were some of the free blogger template providers

Customizable Widget:-

Widgets are the powerful tool to improve our blog performance and for the best appearance of our blog,this tool is called as plugins in wordpress and widgets in blogger,in blogger we can easily add/edit/remove a widget.

Zero Downtime:-

The most amazing factor about blogger is zero downtime,we can expect a best loading speed of our blog,blogger has no limitation on amount of traffic to our blog,,According to Pingdom Blogger is the only free service with zero uptime,but most free service has a limitation on traffic.

Pretty Interface:-

Even a new person who enters into the blogging journey also can easily access the blogger interface,blogger has the pretty navigation's to access the blogger dashboard without any confusions

Speedy Index:-

The most lovable thing in blogger is speedy index,when i entered into the blogging world i am unaware of seo,though i don't know about SEO,i started to post about poems,the next day i searched my site in google,i am excited to see that my blog appeared in google within 24 hours,if you need to get traffic from search engines for your blogger blog you read my post about Best SEO Tips For Blogger Blogs

Integration With Google Products:-

Blogger is a google product,we don't need to create a special account for making a blog,our google account(gmail) is enough to begin with blogger,we can also use Google Adsense to earn money from our blog,gmail,picasa,youtube,gplus were some of the google products which we can use along our blogger blogs


The another impressive fact about blogger is security,a wordpress can be easily hacked,but blogger blogs are very secured,blogger who uses blogger will never worry about security.They are fully protected and hackers cannot hack your blogger blog

Custom Domain:-

A wise blogger will always expect for his identity among the other bloggers and readers,so he creates a unique address for his site,but adding a Custom domain will give you a more visibility to the public through search engines,you can buy a domain from where ever you want and you can point out the custom domain name to the blogger bloggers

Bonus Point-

Make Money Through Adsense:-

As a blogger we know about the adsense which provides money for placing their advertisement in our blog,blogger blogs with required expectation is enough to get the adsense account.

Hope this post helped you to know something new about blogger,and one thing may i know that which platform are you using for your blogging journey


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