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Bidvertiser Review Scam Or Legit With Payment Proof

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Bidvertiser review,bidvertiser legit or scam
Bidvertiser Review

Bidvertiser Review:-

According to me Bidvertiser is the best alternative for google Adsense,i have received two payments via Paypal from them,thats why now i am sharing my Bidvertiser Review with you.in this post i am going to tell you that Bidvertiser is Legit or Scam Ad Network.so it can help you to choose the Best Ad Network  for your Websites or Blogs.

My Experience With Bidvertiser:-

In the beginning i used many ad networks like Chitika,Qadabra,Edomz,Pop Cash etc.....,but i have not received any earnings from them,so i gave a try to Bidvertiser as a Adsense Alternative,i used Bidvertiser in all my 3 blogs,the result was good,my earnings also are increasing from micro niche blog,i didn't received a huge money from them but it is better than the other ad networks.

Lets move to the point.

Bidvertiser Approval Process :-

There are many popular ad netwoks are paying a good amount of money to their publishers,but approval is not so easy Like Adsense and Infolinks,but Bidvertiser Approves most of the sites even Blogspot Blogs,the approval is too fast,no need to wait for approval,our sites will be accepted and will show instantly after adding their code in our sites.this are the basic point for saying Bidvertsier as a legit ad network.

Bidvertiser Payment Proof (Shows You Bidvertiser Legit Or Scam) :-

Here is a Screenshot uploaded by me for you view,Yesterday i got my second payment from Bidvertiser 40.77$.
Bidvertiser Payment for proof,screen shot of bidvertiser payment proof new
Bidvertiser Payment Proof

After viewing this payment proof you can assume that Bidvertiser is a Legit or Scam one.
So in my opinion  Bidvertiser is a legit one and pays in time also it is a good alternative to Adsense

10 Best Points About Bidvertiser :-

  1. Approval is very fast,no need for waiting,
  2. Oldest Ad Serving Network in the internet world,
  3. Easy ad code implementation,
  4. Minimum payout is only 10$ via Paypal,
  5. Monthly Payment-Pays in time,
  6. Maintains a good Alexa Rank,
  7. Best Pay Per Click Network,
  8. Best Conversion Rate for your clicks,
  9. Blocking of accouts are very rare,
  10. Accepting even Blogspot blogs(Most ad networks are not acceptingBlogger Blogs-Like Buysell Ads).

Some More Information About Bidvertiser-

Here i am not only sharing my Reviews i have some useful info for you,
How much Bidvertiser Pays for Pay Per Click?
In my view Bidvertiser Pays on minimum 0.01$ to 1$(sometimes we can get 2$ per click for U.S And Other English Speaking Countries) Mostly  P.P.C based on Geo Locations,Content Type And Traffic Quality,generally it pays an average of 0.13$ to 1$ for Indian Traffic.
What Are The Payment Methods Of Bidvertiser And minimum Payout?
Bidvertiser pays in every end of the month,and it has a minimum payout of 10$ Via Paypal and 100$ Via cheque And 500$ For Wire Transfer.
Getting approval from a good advertising is tough but from Bidvertiser Approval is so easy.thats why i am saying that Bidvertiser is a Legit Ad Network,Bidvertiser is a good legit network to make money from our Websites Or Blogs
Hope this post helped you to find that Bidvertiser Is a Legit or Scam,Did i missed anything and whats is your thought about Bidvertiser,Kindly share them via comments.Thanks for reading this,Have A Nice Day
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  1. As am a Blogger, Infolinks is best when compared to Bidvertiser.

  2. Yeah Dude,but for small publishers bidvertiser will be the better one,because approval for a Infolinks account is little bit hard,so for the beginners and publishers with little traffic can easily get into the Bidvertiser,I agree your words because Infolinks pays more than bidvertiser,bidvertiser ads may be a annoying experience to our visitors.In the feature I will try to post an article about Infolinks vs Bidvertiser Review.
    Thanks For Your Opinion Dude
    Have a nice day :-)

  3. Great post i am using bidvertiser of my blogs great Bidvertiser Review

  4. Thanks for this BIDVERTISER REVIEW friend

  5. Thanks And Welcome For Reading This Latest Bidvertiser Review.I hope this review about bidvertiser would help you to decide about bidvertiser,kindly stay with us for more useful reviews like this and for more useful tips and tricks,
    Have A Nice Day :-)

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