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Latest Working Airtel Free 3G 2G Gprs Tricks

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New Airtel Free Internet Tricks

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Hai friends today i am going to share with you a working airtel free internet trick,this trick is for Airtel Users,you can use this trick for free,you don't want to complete any survey.
lets move to the point,Nowadays using of internet become our daily hobby in our life,but in the recent days all the tele operators in india are increasing the Internet Packs Rates,so now i am going to provide a 100% working airtel free internet tricks.this trick will help you to reduce your expenses on data packs

How This Free Airtel Trick Works?

Actually it is a trick that works based on the proxy settings,you can access both the 2g and 3g for free
Follow this steps carefully to get the benefit of the free airtel tricks,
If you have a opera browser then uninstall it,after uninstalling that opera,just download this free opera browser
Download Link
After downloading install it,if you have not uninstalled your existing Opera Browser this trick will not work for you,you may face a error,you can download this new opera browser using any sim,but you can enjoy the free internet in Airtel Sim Cards only.
after insatalling the new opera browser,you have to change the APN settings,dont worry i will tell you that how to change the APN settings.
if you are using old model android mobile you need to edit the APN setting via
Settings>>>Mobile Network>>>access Point Names>>>Edit.
if you are using New model of android mobile,you need to create a new APN/Proxy Settings.
         Settings>>>Network Setting>>>Option>>>Create New 
and enter the following details as

Name - Frunu.com



Port- 80.

There is no need to change the other options so leave them as blank,now save it,it is your new APN for your airtel sim card,now install the new opera browser and open it and enjoy free internet without any data packs,if you face any problem like Network Error,then please switch off your mobile and on it,then open the opera browser and start browsing for free.

Pros Of This Free Airtel Gprs Trick:-

  • 100% Browsing Free,
  • No data pack/net pack needed,
  • You can download below 10Mb per server day.

Cons Of This Airtel Free Gprs Trick:-

  • If you used to download many files you may be banned by Airtel,they can easily identify your browser,
  • You can use this free trick only on Airtel Sim Cards,
  • Some times you may face a slow connection based on your location,
  • Works only on Android And Other Smartphones,Java Not Supported.


Download the above Opera Browser using the above link,
Change you the apn,
Install and use.

Points To Remember :-

  • Keep your balance 0 or below,
  • If you want use the trick for a long time download only below the 5Mb per day


  1. It's good to find such helpful review! Thank's for that, you're quite talented writer! Keep sharing such interesting posts!

  2. Thanks for your comment dude,keep visiting my site regularly :-)
    have a nice day :-)

    1. can this be used on a laptop

    2. Hello Dude this airtel free 3G trick is only for Android Mobile Phones,soon i will post new tricks for Laptop And Pc.
      Stay With Us For New Posts.

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